The Effects of Drug and Addiction on Society

2 Parts:
Limitations of Study:
What are the limitations in the research that will impact your study How does this lack of research affect or
limit your study What is not answered What problems do you see
*Analyze research studies to be presented in the ROL for their limitations and/or bias.
*Distinguish conflicting results and/or researcher s bias that explains/affects reported data.
*Question whether the methodology in the research studies cited (retrospective, prospective, or longitudinal)
limits reliability/validity of the data and the conclusions that can be drawn.
*Discuss how these limitations affect the student s study.
Demonstrate correct APA Style.
Theoretical Framework:
*Consider what theory or theorists are most descriptive of the stance you are taking
*Who are the major theorists influencing the stance you are taking
*Summarize the theory or theories describing the stance of the study.
*Discuss major theorists that influenced the student s study and application to the project.
*Discuss relevance of the theoretical framework to the student s project.
*Discuss rationale for including specific theories.
*Demonstrate correct APA Style.

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