The meaning of life

Write a 3 FULL page essay. The essay must be double-spaced, normal margins, and 12 point font. Please include a short introduction and short conclusion. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES. You must use the de Botton reading (pg 205-244) for the ideas, but write everything in your own words. NO QUOTES. Explain Nietzsche and de Botton s ideas in your own words. PDF and DOC/DOCX ONLY! No I-pad or googledoc uploads, they don t work!! Please address the following topics in your essay: Give some qualities Nietzsche would say a fulfilled life should have, and why these qualities would be good to have. Why are difficulties a major part in living a fulfilled life for Nietzsche (2 pages of the essay). Give a personal example that fits in with Nietzsche s ideas about difficulties and fulfillment (last page of the essay).

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