The paper consist of 250 WORDS

The paper consist of 250 WORDS

Also, include at least four (4) scholarly sources in your responses and the Sources used MUST be from 2016-2021. Paper must be completed in APA format. NO PLAGIARISM! The assignment must be completed by WEDNESDAY July 14, 2021 at 11:00AM central time. MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TIME MEETING ALL EXPECTATIONS!

Sharon has just been appointed as purchasing manager of Tacoma Technologies, Inc. The previous purchasing manager, who recently retired, was known for his “winner-take-all” approach to suppliers. He continually fought for more discounts and was skeptical about any special deals that suppliers would propose. A few suppliers refused to do business with Tacoma Technologies, but senior management was confident that the former purchasing manager’s approach minimized the company’s costs. Sharon wants to try a more collaborative approach to working with suppliers.

Will her approach work?
How should she adopt a more collaborative approach in future negotiations with suppliers?

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