“The Story of an Hour”

You may choose from The Color Purple, Othello, The Great Gatsby or Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” or “The Storm.” (primary source) 2. You will need an article from Literature Resource Center( (secondary source). 3. First 1 /12 to 2 pages: a straight summary–in your own words of the critique (secondary source). You don’t need direct quotes, as what is important is your ability to paraphrase. Try not to print out these articles; some are 30 plus pages. You may email them to yourselves. Read as much as you can to get the main idea. If you have trouble, I can help you select critiques. Please start off this section with According to John Smith’s critique “Othello’s Lonely Women,” and then summarize… 4. Next 2 to 3 pages is your reaction to the article. In this section, you may use I. You may agree, disagree, or both. However, please remember that you will have to cite 3 or 4 times from the primary source (4 lines or less each time), and use MLA guidelines. This section should begin with I agree…disagree..or both… Please make sure to have 4 full pages of text, or as close to this as possible. 5. A works cited page ( we saw how the articles already contain the citation) of the article and the primary source (this will be page 5). 6. The topic must be Great Gatsby, i have the critical essay for you to write. I will send you a sample essay and the link to read and make a summary.

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