The Village by Bing West Leadership paper

This is NOT a book report
You need to complete the following:
Title Page
Abstract Page
7 pages of the body
Reference Page
So 10 pages in total. Now, READ CAREFULLY the following:
This is NOT a book report, but a paper describing the leadership qualities of the American squad leaders. The
book is called the Village by Bing West. (12 marines during Vietnam) Now the only source that should be used
outside of the book is the leadership requirment model. (ADRP 6 22). Using the qualities and what this
document dictates a leader must have, you will rate the leaders in the book (AMERICAN marine leaders). For
instance once the LT O’rurke left the village SSG Sullivan was complacent and 6 marines died. He lacked
motivation and determination to motivate the PFs to do their job. The PFs were suppose to have their 6 but
instead was with their girlfriends and the VC were able to ambush the Village. Unlike LT O’rurke, O’rurke
motivated and took the initiative to be proactive in making sure no one got complacent. ***This is how the
paper should be wrote. You can write about how you think the leader should of acted but only using the words
from the Leadership Requirement model and quotes from the book

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