The?Living?and?the?Dead”?By?Brian?Mockenhaupt. /literary?analysis

What issues do you think concern the author
I would like to use the essay ”The Living and the Dead” By Brian Mockenhaupt.

Research Portfolio Step 1: Finding a Topic

From the course readings, choose one essay that interests you and respond to the following items. This exercise is should help you identify potential research paper topics.

1. What issues do you think concern the author

2. Provide at least three quotations from the essay that illustrate the issues you listed in response to question number one.

3. Choose an issue from question number one and list two or three facts you know about the issue.

4. Write five research questions that relate to the issue you chose in response to question number three.

Research Portfolio Step 2: Locating Resources Related to Your Topic

In the second step of the research portfolio, students will conduct preliminary research. This process serves two purposes: (1) to familiarize students with available library resources, and (2) to give students a better sense of the kinds of resources they might want to use for the research paper.

1. Visit a library, either in person or online. Access the library s online database system. Look through the titles of the databases and note five databases that you think would contain articles about the issue you chose in research portfolio step 1. Write or type the names of the five databases.

2. In the five databases, look for articles about the issue you chose to research. List the biographical information about each article and write a question that you think the article might answer.

Sample bibliographical information

Author (if one is given) Schwarz, Adam and Roland Villineger
Article title of article Integrating Southeast Asia s Economies
Magazine / Journal name McKinsey Quarterly
Publication date Feb. 2004
Page numbers of original printed article (if applicable) n/a
Database name ERIC
Library name Florida State College at Jacksonville Library
Library city, state Jacksonville, FL
Access date 15 Aug. 2011
Database URL

Sample question the article might answer
What are some current economic issues facing Southeast Asian countries that are former colonies

Research Portfolio Step 4: Finding and Evaluating Websites

In this research portfolio step, you will find an Internet source that you might use for your research paper. Also, you will apply the criteria presented in this module to evaluate the source.

1. Find a website related to the potential topic of your research paper. Write or type the following information about the website.

website name:
website address:

2. Apply the evaluation criteria to the website, writing or typing your answers to the following questions.
Where did you find the website

What type of website is it (e.g., corporate, personal, governmental, etc.) How can you tell

Who wrote or produced the content Do you consider the author a reliable authority on the content Why or why not

Is the website objective What evidence of your opinion can you provide

If applicable, does the website properly document outside resources If so, how are the outside resources documented (e.g., with citations, footnotes, etc.)

Is the website content current When was the most recent update

Do other sources contain similar content If so, list at least one or two sources that substantiate the website s content.

3. Do you feel that the website is an appropriate and useful source for your research paper Why or why not

4. In proper MLA style, write the in-text citation format and bibliographical entry for the website.

Research Portfolio Step 5: Narrowing Your Research Focus

Now that you have located resources related to your topic and practiced creating works cited entries for these resources, you will narrow your research focus and identify specific resources you intend to use for your research paper. During this process, you should typically revisit the databases you accessed during your first round of research, looking for articles about your narrowed research topic. If you have not done so already, now is an opportune time to start keeping a list of resources.

1. What was the initial issue you chose in Research Portfolio Step 1, question 3

2. Of the five research questions you identified in Research Portfolio Step 1, question 4, which do you find most interesting Why

Research Portfolio Step 7: Summarizing Sources

Choose four articles from your annotated bibliography to read in their entirety and to summarize. The summaries can be rough drafts. One of the four articles should disagree with the other three articles, or at least present a different view of the topic.

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