Topic: A study of the teaching and learning strategies implemented for EAL students

Order DescriptionThe aim of a literature review is to give us an understanding of the areas that have been researched/issues that have been discussed on your topic previously i.e learning and teaching among EAL students. The structure of the Lit Review is to reflect that (reversed pyramid):

TOP of pyramid:
– what do we know about EAL students in general ie definition, who are they, where are they, everything general on them including stats/figures and so on (topic on maths is the specific so would not be part of the beginning of your pyramid)

Middle of pyramid
– what are the policies/educational strategies used to teach EAL students and enhance their learning (again not related to your topic but will give your discussion a sound contextualisation; for example, students might face similar grammar issues in other classes such as physics so this would give you a foundation for discussing issues/strategies for teaching learning maths)
-how do these differ from the difficulties faced by non-EAL students

END of your pyramid
-what are the issues with maths.
-Are these specific to maths or they are common to their general learning/other subjects you’ll be able to answer this questions if you look at the broader literature on EAL learning/teaching…
-what are the solutions with maths/any specific policy for maths..these could go here (are these strategies used in other subjects too or are these specific to Maths
Again, you’ll be able to answer this with your ‘Middle of pyramid’ discussion..
-where is the gap and how your study fill this gap.

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