Order Description1. Length of Essay – approximately 3000 words

Your essay should address a topic based on questions discussed and devised. In contrast to the module journal entries which should show knowledge of a range of topics, here, you are expected to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of one topic.

2. Module journal: approximately 2000 words, 4 entries
The aim of the Module Journal is to assess your knowledge and understanding of key ideas covered in the lectures and seminars. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with these criteria and feel free to ask us if you are not sure about how to demonstrate you can meet these criteria in your writing.

Each entry should be no longer than 500 words in length and should:
Tell your reader what you think is a key debate for each particular topic.

Provide some critical reflection on that debate by applying the debate to a relevant example and bringing in other academic reading which addresses the same debate. In other words, your reflections on the material should illustrate particular theoretical issues – for example, do your examples provide support for or cast doubt upon a particular position which is raised in the academic literature

Meet the requirements of academic writing, including referencing, presentation, structure and clarity of argument.

[Please note: you can submit a list of references at the end of each Journal entry, or you can collate all the references you used and submit them together at the end of the Journal. Students must make sure they familiarise themselves with the university’s word count policy. For a copy of the policy, please refer to the University Student Handbook 2015-16
As with all assessed work the Journal needs to be a blend of description and analysis. The marking descriptors indicate, however, that it is the quality of analysis which distinguishes the best work. One consequence of this is that you should restrict the number of examples you discuss so as to allow greater space for analytical discussion while ensuring that you write concisely. Bear in mind that we shall be especially looking for “value-added” comments, that is evidence of ideas that you have acquired through your readings and seminar discussions.

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