Topic: Case studies in HIT critically assess

Order DescriptionCase studies in HIT:

1. Unit Five: Glaser JP. 2007 (Jul – Aug). HBR Case Study and Commentary: Too far ahead of the IT curve Harvard Business Review 2007 Jul Aug; 9 p.

2. Unit Six: Case 8. Hoot NR, Sanders DL. In: Lorenzi NM, Ash JS, Einbinder J, McPhee W, Einbinder L, editors. Transforming health care through information, 2nd edition. New York: Springer Science & Business Media; 2005. p 81 – 91.

From among these two cases, pick whichever case you would like to further critically assess. In 400-600 words Think about the case you choose using the HOT-fit framework. Now explore in writing each of the dimensions as a way of framing an evaluation of the HIT for that case (directly if they have been introduced in the case, hypothetically if they are not documented in the case). While Yusof et al. is the primary article for HOT-fit, Ammenwerth et al. provide important conceptual frameworks to help you expand your critical thinking.

• Read the following required articles attached:

Yusof, M. M., Kuljis, J., Papazafeiropoulou, A., & Stergioulas, L. K. (2008). An evaluation framework for Health Information Systems: human, organization and technology-fit factors (HOT-fit). International Journal of Medical Informatics, 77(6), 386-398.

Ammenwerth, E., Gräber, S., Herrmann, G., Bürkle, T., & König, J. (2003). Evaluation of health information systems—problems and challenges. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 71(2), 125-135.

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