Topic: Christian Science

Order DescriptionThis Paper needs to be about CHRISTIAN SCIENCE:

How does the study of Christian Science help us better understand (A) the impact of globalization on America, and (B) the impact of America on globalization ” This, by the way, is the “why” of the paper and should be featured in the introduction.

The aspects are:
(a) the life and work of the founder
(b) the pre-history (roots and precursors) and history of the religion
(c) the primary myths and scriptures of the movement
(d) the primary rituals and religious services of the movement
(e) how the religion compares and contrasts with another New Religious Movement
(f) the religion’s typological classification (Use Ellwood for typologies and also include these categories of religious thought and experience [idealist, prophetic, apocalyptic].)

The papers must be free of personal opinions and faith-claims. The studies must be neutral and fair-minded academic presentations, which are based on the norms of Religious Studies and the guidelines of the “Dialogue Decalogue.” They should be free of bias, prejudice, faith-claims, polemical jargon and rhetoric, and any claims or statements that might be interpreted as hostile. Personal opinions and faith-claims must not enter into the papers.

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