Topic: feminism

Order Descriptionthis paper is basically a book review

the book is: West with the Night by Beryl Markham

i will attach a document that explains in details how the paper should be written

the writer should keep in mind that he/she should write this paper from a feminist perspective.

the book should be praised and the author who is writing a memoir about herself should be also praised for her efforts in trying to be different and make a change

mention how the acts of Beryl Markham show women that they can be better and do better and how it empowers women.

under the EVALUATION part in the document that i will attach, there are questions, these questions should be answered in paragraph form in the paper / book review

the following specific questions i want their answers to be as follows:

7.Has the book satisfied our curiosity/expectations YES and explain it please
8.Has the book affected/touched you How or in what way did the book affect/touch you YES get a qoute from the book that shows women empowerment and use it as an example.

leave question 9 unanswered, i will answer that after the paper is done.

of the 5 sources, one of them obviously has to be the book since there will be qoutes from the book in the paper. i double checked, the book is available online in E version

ignore the last part of the document that is in red and asks to do a presentation

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