Topic: International Trade and Economics

Order Description- Question: What are the main theories of International Trade What are the benefits of free trade “Additional Information that you CAN ADD that COMPLIES with the above question are things like: What is international trade , what are the measures of trade , why do countries trade Absolute Advantage-Theories of “Adam Smith”, and you can maybe focus on One Country eg, China…Effects of the Tariff and economies of scale.. these should all add up with the questions above. and feel free to add additional Information… – Please make sure to Include Recent 2015-2016 graphs showing effects and also interpret statistics and uses relevant research and calculations… things like countries and resources… ( make sure to clearly put heading on Graphs listed ) – Demonstrate understanding of relevant economic theory – Integrates economic terms, concepts, theory and graphs in their explanation. – Correctly apply economic theory – Demonstrate wider reading and research – Put a logical argument together – Words: 1500-2000

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