Topic: Is Strategic Planning Dead?

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For your WA#3 your task is simply stated but hopefully thought-provoking:

1. Read carefully the 2 articles on strategic planning attached below as hyper-links – YOU MUST USE AND CITE THESE TWO ARTICLES

2. Construct a thoughtful, balanced and well-supported essay that provides your position on the following questions:

Is Strategic Planning Dead Is it on Life-Support

Should Strategic Planning be replaced with what is referred to as Strategic Thinking
Why or Why Not

Folks, in short I am looking for you all to apply your knowledge you have built up over this course to address criticisms of strategic planning by either defending it against such criticisms and machining the case for Strategic Planning OR arguing persuasively why indeed the critics are correct and make the case against it.

In order to get full points you must write a very clear, persuasive and well-sourced, cited and supported paper.

You MUST fully address the questions and topics I have presented (Hint: In other words write the paper I am asking for not one you might prefer to write).

You must have a clear opening statement stating your position, the body of your paper should be logical and present facts, opinions, examples of pros and cons, apply specifics from the sources I have presented, be augmented by others you choose and have a very clear conclusion.

and if possible please cite the text book: Strategic Planning for Public and NonProfit Organizations 4th Edition by John M. Bryson

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