Topic: John Gotti

Order Descriptionn the chapter on Deviant Behavior and Social Control describes three categories of crime causation. Those categories are BIOLOGICAL, SOCIAL and PSYCOLOGICAL. Your assignment is to research a high profile criminal such as Ted Bundy, John Dillinger Etc. There are many others to choice from. Find A academic journals with published articles with information covering the life and criminal life style of the high profile criminal you chose. In your report, provide background information, the criminal life style or criminal act. Now apply the most appropriate theory of crime causation to this offender or criminal act. You must explain how the theory works and how it fits your criminal. Do not just go with Behavior or Psychological theory saying that he did it because he wanted to. This is not acceptable. Which psychological or Behavior theory. I’m looking for the Strain, Control, Differential Association ETC.This assignment will give the student an in-depth approach to analyzing, processing and demonstrating an understanding of the subject matter. Student will clearly define topic being studied. Student will give a brief overview of the literature reviewed and importance or relevance to your study. You will use no less than five reliable sources. Academic journals are the preferred sources of information. You may also use public information and records such as the U.S. Census and the FBI uniform crime report. You may also use the class text book as one of the five sources. You may not use newspapers, I would prefer a more reliable source. Student will clearly report the findings of the study. Student will give solutions, recommendations and forecast of what the future holds based on this study.

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