Topic: Labour Markets

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The main aim of this assessment is to offer you an individual chance to showcase your understanding of a topic selected at random.
Please only use peer-reviewed references.
Topic – Alternative pay schemes
Assignment should show in some detail the main ideas that you have chosen to present which are significant for the topic, as well a selection of what you have found to be relevant peer-reviewed references.
1. Firstly, as part of an introduction (10%):
a) the title of your presentation
b) a brief definition of your topic (Alternative pay schemes)
c) the country(ies) it relates to (based on the empirical references you have chosen to present)
d) the period of time it covers (based on the data that your empirical references have analysed)

2. Secondly the main theoretical ideas you are choosing to present related to your topic (25%)

3. Thirdly show the main empirical findings you are choosing to present related to your topic, based on the references you have read, including a selective listing of the hypotheses the authors have analysed (5%), their data sources (5%), their most common methods of analysis (5%) and the results (5%) from the relevant literature (total of 20%)

4. Fourthly show the main critical analysis ideas and views that you have read about with relation to the information you have presented in your previous pages. This is the analysis of the information and argumentation (25%).

5. Fifthly present some conclusions/summary view related to the topic (5%)

6. On the last page list the peer-reviewed references you have used, in alphabetical order and in Harvard style (5%).

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