Topic: modern culture

Order Descriptionwhat i wrote before was a book about pride and prejudice by jane austen about gender. i will upload what i wrote before. just base on my essay to write more, but do not copy mine.
Write a 1,500- to 2,000-word paper in which you do the following:
Discuss the history of your social issue as expressed in popular culture in general.
Define the audience for each of your artifact categories and explore whether this audience has changed in any way. Consider whether this audience is local, global, or regional.
Discuss what each of your chosen popular culture artifacts communicates regarding your issue.
Analyze how at least one additional social issue relates to at least one of your popular culture artifacts.

Analyze access and distribution limitations for each of your popular culture artifacts
Determine whether or not access and distribution forces control content. Explain your reasoning.
Explain whether your popular culture artifacts send messages that define social values or provoke change.
Analyze how your chosen popular culture artifacts connect or do not connect with your personal values.

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