Using Naturalism in Solving Philosophical Ethics Issues.

Using Naturalism in Solving Philosophical Ethics Issues.

. Naturalism serves as a label for the view that the answer to this query is yes. Naturalism is honestly true in determining whether an action is a virtue or not.

Ethical naturalism is also known as naturalistic ethics. It is a meta-ethical theory that holds an objective moral property whose knowledge resides in human beings&nbsp.(Brown, Paul, and Drakes 43). It further asserts that people can reduce these properties to entirely natural or non-ethical properties like wants, needs, and pleasures. It rejects the possible relationship between ethical terms and things that exist in the supernatural realm. Naturalistic ethics is a type of moral realism and assumes cognitivism. Cognitivism is a perception that ethical sentences can be true or false since they express propositions. However, ethical naturalism goes further to proclaim that people can communicate moral sentences’ meanings as natural properties without using ethical terms, such as good, right, bad, or wrong. It holds that inquiry into the natural world can increase people’s moral and ethical knowledge in just the same manner it boosts their scientific knowledge. Additionally, ethical naturalism affirms that people can confirm their ethical value by applying scientific methods. The theory thus holds that moral facts are facts of nature.

Virtue ethics such as Aristotle’s are naturalistic since the notions they bring forth are the virtues that nature supplies. People understand morality as something that nature instills into their biology through an end that life sets. Nature thus sets the point and shape of moral life. Naturalism helps in providing a ready link between value and facts and between the normative and non-normative. It thus helps to avail resources to deal with vital meta-ethical problems. Ethical naturalism is a cognitive position that provides a base for grounding moral norms in natural facts. Human beings require cognitivism since it entails that there exist moral points.

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