value of business Strategy.

value of business Strategy.
What are the values and assumptions of business strategy
Philip Roscoe argues that economic thinking has become very influential within
modern society, and this is certainly true in the area of management and corporate
strategy. What underlying assumptions stemming from economic theory can you
identify in the Collis and Montgomery article on the Resource-Based-View
Describe why they are underlying and whether they are reality or value
assumptions Finally, discuss whether you agree with the assumptions you
identified. Why or why not
Roscoe, P. (2014). I Spend Therefore I Am: How Economics Has Changed the Way We Think and Feel. Random House Canada. (Chapter 2: From Truck and Barter to the Meaning of Life)

Collis, D. J., & Montgomery, C. A. (2008). Competing on Resources. Harvard Business Review, 86(7/8), 140–150.

Recommended: Layard, P. R. G. (2005). Happiness: Lessons from a new science. New York: Penguin Press. (Chapter 9: Does economics have a clue )

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