Vietnamese’ video game industry

Vietnamese’ video game industryDescribe your focused, specific research topic. (E.g.: “the use of service dogs for combat veterans with PTSD”)
Reiterate the personal connection you have with this topic—why this topic is meaningful for you.
Try to state the question you’ll explore. It will not be a yes or no question. It will have no definitive answer, but your answer will be the best possible answer, since you will become an expert in this topic. (E.g. “how effective are service dogs for helping veterans with PTSD ”)
Use bullet points to outline at least 5 major issues or sub-topics you’ll need to address in your investigation. This is the beginning of a rough outline—an outline of ideas. (E.g.: history of service dogs for combat veterans; research studies on training; drawbacks to providing therapy dogs; evidence of success with dogs and veterans; recommendations to make more servicer dogs avaialable).
List your initial thoughts about your research needs; include five (5) initial sources. Be inventive in your search for sources. Academics traditionally think of peer-reviewed journals for research, but many research projects draw from popular media: movies, tv shows. Some papers will use archival research of old newspapers and other documents. Other papers will use personal interviews, emails, and blog posts. Try to use MLA works cited page format when you list your sources. The Purdue Owl website (Links to an external site.) will show you the formats for books, periodicals, electronic courses, and other common sources.
Include at least 7 rhetorical questions you ask of your topic and your investigation. There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to answer them all, but your ability to pose thoughtful questions is key to your intellectual accomplishment in this project. (E.g., who discovered that service dogs work for veterans Who are the most important advocates Which dog breeds are best Do dogs work for some vets and not others Why Etc.)
Include at least 7 data points you will search for. By “data points,” I mean numbers, percentages, decimals, dates. Hard numbers will anchor your argument. (E.g., what is the cost of training a service dog for veterans with PTSD How many dogs are in service How many veterans have PTSD When was the first service dog used Etc.)
Include the names of at least 3 people you initially identify as subject experts in your topic. You’ll see their names as the authors of articles and research, or see their work cited by other researchers. You might also see them quoted in news sources. Include their names, where they work, the title or titles of their work, and contact information, if you can get it.
so i want to have small idea like ” how bad vietnamese addicted to video game” ( why they have to do that.

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