Week 2 | Discussion – Who is God?

Week 2 | Discussion – Who is God

61 days ago
Review again Exodus chapters 3-4 and 11-14. These are the stories of Moses and the burning bush and Israel s escape from Egypt. Think back also on this week s readings and presentation. Then, as you prepare your initial response, log into the APU Library online database and suggest at least one resource title that could help address the following questions:

Who is this God in Exodus What does it mean to be in relationship with the God of the Bible

Think about ways in which God shows up in Exodus. Explore images of God in Exodus by offering 3-4 descriptors of God s character.
Then, suggest implications for what it would mean to have a relationship with this kind of God.
In your post, also include the title of a relevant resource from the APU Library database.
Post at least two substantive responses to your colleagues. Responses should demonstrate active participation in academic discourse about texts and/or resources, connect relevant experience and academic knowledge, and communicate meaning with clarity and fluency. Responses could include suggestions for further resources, questions of clarification, or providing context and insight. Avoid simple posts of agreement; if you agree, explain why, and then thoughtfully further the conversation.

Assignment Scope
Initial Response

Addresses the required number of questions in the prompt.
Extracts and constructs meaning through interaction and involvement with assigned readings and resources.
Connects relevant experience and academic knowledge.
Gives proper credit to sources used, though strict APA formatting is not required.
Uses proper Netiquette (proper language, tone, mechanics, etc.).

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