Week1: Assignment

Week1: Assignment

scripts in the directory C:wamp64wwwWk2Exercise where you will ZIP and Submit the weeks PHP scripts and programs.

‚óŹ Submit the completed Exercises (Zip file of Wk2Excercise) directory to the dropbox under the Week1: Assignment submission area as an attachment.

Reinforcement Exercises

o Exercise 4-1 (pages 221-224)

o Exercise 4-2 (pages 224-227)

o Exercise 4-3 (page 228)

o Exercise 4-4 (page 228)

o Exercise 4-5 (page 228)

o Exercise 5-1 (pages 288-289)

o Exercise 5-2 (pages 289-291)

o Exercise 5-3 (page 291)

o Exercise 5-4 (page 291)

o Exercise 5-5 (pages 291-292)

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