What is a balanced transportation problem?

What is a balanced transportation problem?

In solving a facility location problem in which there are two possible locations being considered, the transportation algorithm may be used. In doing this, a. two rows (sources) would be added to the existing

rows and the enlarged problem would be solved. b. two separate transportation problems would be solved. c. costs of zero would be used for each of the new facilities. d. the problem would be a transshipment problem.

  1. The Hungarian method is a. a way to develop an initial solution to a transportation

problem. b. used to solve assignment problems. c. also called Vogel’s approximation method. d. only used for problems in which the objective is to

maximize profit.

  1. In an assignment problem, it may be necessary to add more than one row to the table. a. True b. False
  2. When using the Hungarian method, an optimal assignment can always be made when every row and every column has at least one zero. a. True b. False
  3. An assignment problem can be viewed as a special type of transportation problem with which of the following features? a. the capacity for each source and the demand for each

destination is equal to one b. the number of rows is equal to the number of columns c. the cost for each shipping route is equal to one d. all of the above

Discussion Questions and Problems

Discussion Questions 9-1 Is the transportation model an example of decision

making under certainty or decision making under uncertainty? Why?

9-2 Explain how to determine the number of variables and constraints that would be in a transportation problem simply by knowing the number of sources and the number of destinations.

9-3 What is a balanced transportation problem? Describe the approach you would use to solve an unbalanced problem.

9-4 The stepping-stone method is being used to solve a transportation problem. The smallest quantity in a cell with a minus sign is 35, but two different cells with minus signs have 35 units in them. What prob- lem will this cause, and how should this difficulty be resolved?

9-5 The stepping-stone method is being used to solve a transportation problem. There is only one empty cell having a negative improvement index, and this index is The stepping-stone path for this cell indicates that the smallest quantity for the cells with minus signs is 80 units. If the total cost for the current solution is $900, what will the total cost be for the im- proved solution? What can you conclude about how much the total cost will decrease when developing each new solution for any transportation problem?

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