What is the approximate length of the esker in miles?

What is the approximate length of the esker in miles?

Over time the block of ice is partially buried and then melts to create a depression.When filled with water, this depression is termed a kettle lake. Use the ruler tool and measure the distance across the lake from point H to point I.

Question 21: How wide, in miles, is the lake (from H to I)?

A. 1.6 miles

B. 2.6 miles

C. 3.6 miles

D. 4.6 miles

Question 22: Assuming the lake is circular, calculate the area of this lake (A=πr2)in square miles, where A is area, pi is 3.14, and r2 is the radius of the circle squared.

Area is __________________mi2

A. Π(0.8)2 = 2.00 square miles

B. Π(1.6)2 = 8.04 square miles

C. Π(3.6)2 = 40.72 square miles

D. Π(4.6)2 = 66.48 square miles

ExpandEskers. Select Ripley Esker.

Eskers are long snake like ridges created by the deposition of sediment frommelt water streams that flowed within or under glaciers. Gravel pits often mine eskers for sand and gravel.

This is the Ripley Esker in Minnesota. Notice how the trees delineate the esker.

Select Belle Prairie.

You can use the following Google Earth tools to make the esker easier to see on the topographic maps:

· Use the Adjust Opacity tool to see how the topographic map compares to the aerial photograph.

· Use the Ruler tool to compute the length of the esker.

Question 23: What is the approximate length of the esker in miles?

A. 1.5 miles

B. 2 miles

C. 5 miles

D. 10 miles

Question 24: What are the two dominant economic activities found around the esker?

A. Farming and ranching

B. Ranching and quarrying

C. Tourism and farming

D. Quarrying and farming

Double-click Moraine.

This landscape in Minnesota is dotted with a terminal moraine and kettle lakes. While the lakes are easy to see, the moraine is not.

Double-click Moraine Perspective to view the landscape from a 3-D perspective.

The moraine appears as a series of hills.

SelectInspiration Peak to view a topographic map of the landscape.

Question 25: What is the high point (in feet) of the moraine in the red outline?The high point is located near the central eastern part of the Inspiration Peak map marked by the red number 1.

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