What’s the new gauge pressure?

What’s the new gauge pressure
1. You fill your tires with air on a cold morning (5°C) to 220-kPa gauge pressure, then drive into 32°C a desert.
(a) Assuming the volume of air in the tires remains constant, What’s the new gauge pressure
(b) What would be the gauge pressure if the volume of air had expanded by 3%
2. A blimp typically contains about 5000m3 of helium. Suppose the helium s pressure and temperature are1.1×105 Pa and 15°C respectively. (a)What’s the mass of helium in the blimp (b)What’s the buoyant force on the blimp (c)What’s the maximum possible mass for the rest of the blimp (skin and payload) if It’s neutrally buoyant (neither rising nor sinking)

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