Technical specifications:

Your paper must be in MLA format.

Your paper must include at least 9 different ”credible” sources on the works cited page.

All 9 sources must be a person with a first and last name (or a government organization)

For this assignment, a credible source is a person who is considered an expert.

Your paper must be submitted to the assignment link in blackboard before the deadline.
Content specifications:

You must have at least as much of your own perspective and thoughts as you have citations from other
sources. This means that you cannot simply turn in a paper that is a collection of supporting research for
your thesis. You must personally contribute to the support of the thesis by including your explanation,
interpretation, and analysis of the research that you find.

Additionally, your paper must contain enough specific evidence that supports your position so that your
opinion can be seen as valid and legitimate. No matter how much you have to say and no matter how
intelligent it sounds, your perspective is genuinely not worth listening to unless it has solid research to
support it. Solid research means that the sources MUST be credible and reliable sources of information
as viewed from the perspective of an expert in the field for which the research is about.

Your paper must have a clear sense of organization and structure. This organization must be clearly
stated in the introduction AND clearly identifiable throughout the paper.

Your paper must have a substantial introduction that includes the thesis statement and a preview of the
research project as a whole including some kind of statement or comment that engages the reader s

Your paper must have a substantial conclusion that provides some kind of implication about your
research. The conclusion is not just a restatement of your main points but it is also some kind personal
interpretation of why your research is significant. Your conclusion should answer the question So
Research Paper Grading: 150 points

Final draft (credibility of sources will be a significant factor in this grade).

Works cited page will be graded for strict adherence to MLA format and credibility of sources.

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