Why immigration is good for country growth

Why immigration is good for country growth

Paper details:

All the details I provided in the materials, please follow the steps, you can use another source if you wanna make it easier.

Overview: will write a position paper on the topic about immigration using the source, which I will provide, the paper about immigration and have that good for united state. The write a paper need to using rhetoric necessary to successfully develop an argument.

Learning outcomes/ skills that need: use academic language, logical thinking, analytical framework, provide evidence.

TOPIC: the paper will taking How immigration good to growth the country (economy side, education, culture diversity…etc).
Use the writing skills needed to rhetoric necessary to successfully develop an argument.
You should produce the reader
Use http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/21/opinion/21friedman.html _r=3&
To consider the opinions on and agree with argument being made the source.
Its brainstorm paper it’s free to write.

Introduction focusing about the topic and gives an overview how you will address that topic.
1) Introduction
Paragraph 1: introduction with hook: identifies rhetorical stance, includes, and provide background.
2) Body (evidence and development of Argument)
Paragraph 2: argument 1 with support
Paragraph 3: argument 2 with support
Paragraph 4: argument 3 with support
Paragraph 5: counterargument followed by refutation

3) Conclusion
Paragraph 6: conclusion with thesis restated (i.e ‘wrap-up)

Thank you for your help

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