Writing to Evaluate

Scenario 1 Academic Evaluation: What Are the Rules
You may currently live (or may have previously lived) in a communal setting such as a dormitory, a military
barracks, a summer camp, or a house or apartment with roommates. In that setting, you are probably aware of
the rules and regulations, yet you may not have thought about whether they are fair on not, or even if there are
punishments for not obeying the rules. Or you may be living with one or both of your parents, who probably
insist on certain rules. Consider questions such as these:
What are the rules for living in the particular setting (communal or parental) Are they fair and reasonable
Who is paying for the living quarters Do they (should they) have total control of what happens in them
Should parents be allowed to place restrictions on college age students who live at home What rules would be
If an organization such as a college or the government controls the living quarters, can or should it monitor email
Internet access
Writing Assignment: Write an evaluation of the rules of the communal setting in which you currently live or
once lived, or of your parents rules. You will need to do some research on what the rules are and consider what
you might use as criteria for evaluating them. Your audience will be your instructor and your classmates.

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